I extend to you a warm welcome to the Templeton Primary School website and thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Templeton is a high performing, student focused school that places a high emphasis on student personal achievement and is committed to challenging our students in all areas of the curriculum.  Students’ individual needs, personal interests and unique characters are known and supported by staff and enriched by an immersive, safe, positive and vibrant learning environment.

At Templeton, our curriculum is based on the understanding that students learn best by being engaged and active in their learning. Our philosophy of providing our students with a broad and well balanced educational experience ensures that each student has the opportunity to explore and release their individual talents. This philosophy is supported by our extensive range of extra curricula offerings. Specialist classes in Chinese, Art, Music, Performing Arts, ICT, Library and Phys Ed, ensure that all Templeton students have the opportunity to learn in varied ways. Through these opportunities, our teachers aim to create experiences that inspire students to learn and to continually challenge their personal best.

To further support our classroom and specialist programs, we offer Challenge programs for students who require extension beyond the classroom; programs such as Literacy and Numeracy extension, Chinese extension and PEEP.

In addition, Literacy and Mathematics support, including Reading Recovery, identifies students who require specialised intervention early in their schooling and puts them on the right path to achieving their educational goals. All our students are supported in the classroom with challenging work at their level.

Our commitment to the pastoral care and mental health of our students is supported with an extensive range of programs that support the emotional needs of our students. Programs such as Lunchtime Clubs, The Resiliency Project, Values Education, School of Rock, Coding, Sport, Homework Club, Dance and Inter House activities, ensure that our commitment to supporting the health and mental wellbeing of our students is paramount.

Following your visit to our web site, I would be pleased to answer any further queries you may have about our school. In doing so, I extend an invitation to you to contact Trudy O’Neill, our Enrolments Officer, to arrange a  personalised tour where you can experience for yourself the unique learning environment that awaits you and your family at Templeton Primary School.

Mr Rod McKinlay

Our Multicultural School

Templeton Oath


I am proud to be an Australian
I will honour the flag
I will care for the environment
I will respect my parents, teachers and fellow students
and I will try to do my best at all times
Acknowledgement of Country


Templeton Primary School acknowledges the
Wurundjeri and Bunurong people,
the traditional custodians of this land.
We pay respect to the elders of the Kulin Nation
and other Aboriginals past and present






Each year the staff and School Council revisit the Templeton ‘Mission Statement’ to ensure that it remains current and accurately reflects our intention and purpose.

Our mission is written so that everyone in the Templeton Community understands our mission and expectations:

  • To lay a FOUNDATION for every child on which all future learning can be built on
  • To develop a strong and meaningful RELATIONSHIP between children, staff and parents
  • To maintain high EXPECTATIONS for the academic development of all children under our care
  • To create an active and purposeful learning ENVIRONMENT to help children reach their full potential
  • To MODEL in our students the positive behaviour and values we all believe in
  • To utilise all aspects of DATA to guide our planning and practice


Templeton Primary School is a Victorian State Government Prep to Grade 6 school situated in Wantirna, an Outer Eastern suburb in the City of Knox

Templeton was opened in 1980 with an enrolment of around 250 students. In 2019, Templeton has a record enrolment of over 733 in 29 classrooms based on a traditional Prep to Grade 6 level structure. The school provides an excellent specialist program with Physical Education, ICT, Art, Library, Music, Performing Arts and LOTE offered throughout the school. Our aim is to equip our students with self management, educational and interpersonal skills to approach life with confidence.

An integral part of our tradition is to nurture in our students a sense of PRIDE IN PERFORMANCE which is our school motto.

The school strives towards:

  • Creating a safe, caring and supportive learning environment that is stimulating and challenging.
  • Providing a high quality, balanced educational program for all students.
  • Fostering a culture of optimism, resilience and tolerance


Templeton Primary School recognises the importance of the partnership between schools and parents to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for ensuring inclusive safe and orderly environments for children and young people.

This Statement of Values sets out our behavioural expectations of all members in this school community, including the Principal, all school staff, parents, students and visitors. It respects the diversity of individuals in our school community and addresses the shared responsibilities of all members in building safe and respectful school communities.

Discrimination, sexual and other forms of harassment, bullying, violence. aggression and threatening behaviour are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this school.

Our Statement of Values acknowledges that parents and school staff are strongly motivated to do their best for every child. Everyone has the right to differing opinions and views and to raise concerns, as long as we do this respectfully as a community working together.

School leaders will
  • Work collaboratively to create a school environment where respectful and safe conduct is expected of everyone
  • Behave in a manner consistent with the standards of our profession and meet core responsibilities to provide inclusive, safe and orderly environments
  • Plan, implement and monitor arrangements to ensure the care, safety, security and general wellbeing of all students in attendance at the school is protected
  • Identify and support students who are or may be at risk
  • Do our best to ensure every child achieves their personal and learning potential
  • Work with parents to understand their child’s needs and, where necessary, adapt the learning environment accordingly
  • Respond appropriately when inclusive, safe or orderly behaviour is not demonstrated and implement appropriate interventions and sanctions when required
  • Make known to parents the school’s communication and complaints procedures
  • Ask any person who is acting in an offensive or disorderly way to leave the school grounds
Teachers and staff will
  • Model positive behaviour to students consistent with the standards of our profession
  • Proactively engage with parents about student outcomes
  • Work with parents to understand the needs of each student and, where necessary, adapt the learning environment accordingly
  • Work collaboratively with parents to improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for students with additional needs
  • Communicate with the Principal and school leaders in the event we anticipate or face any tension or challenging behaviours from parents
  • Treat all members of the school community with respect
Parents will
  • Model positive behaviour to other students
  • Ensure our child attends school on time, every day the school is open for instruction
  • Take an interest in our child’s school and learning
  • Work with the school to achieve the best outcomes for our child
  • Communicate constructively with the school and use expected processes and protocols when raising concerns
  • Support school staff to maintain a safe learning environment for all students
  • Follow the school’s complaints processes if there are complaints
  • Treat all school leaders, staff, students and other members of the school community with respect
Students will
  • Model positive behaviour to other students
  • Comply with and model school values
  • Behave in a safe and responsible manner
  • Respect ourselves, other members of the school community and the school environment
  • Actively participate in school
  • Not disrupt the learning of others and make the most of our educational opportunities


The school council is responsible for the governance of the school and approving the policy directions. The composition of the School Council is as follows:

  • 8 elected parent representatives
  • 4 staff representatives
  • 2 community selected representatives
  • 1 Principal

Elections are held every year before the 31st March. As membership tenure is 2 years, half of the elected member’s positions are up for re-election each year.

The school council operates the following sub committees:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Facilities
  • Fundraising

Flexibuzz allows parents to access a wide range of easy to use school mobile app features. Developed specifically to enhance community connections with Templeton, Flexibuzz delivers a powerful solution to our school communication. More than just a school app, it can assist in the management of absences/attendance, replace paper permission forms with electronically signed forms and enrich the parent involvement in Templeton’s curriculum and activities. With automated processes and packed full of easy to use features, parents have access to the world’s most advanced communication tools. If you wish to contact your classroom teacher, you can submit a contact form via the app between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm or ring the school during school hours to make an appointment.


XUNO provides parents with a portal for accessing student reports, calendar, timetable and online payments. If you are experiencing difficult accessing the portal, please ring Mr Crilly at school on 9801 7450.


Our Year Level Blogs provide students and parents access to notices, permissions slips, booking links, newsletters and homework. Developed specifically for students to engage with online communication in preparation for secondary school, our Blogs ensure parents can engage with student learning from home. Please contact your classroom teacher or Mr Crilly for further information.


Our traditional newsletter Templeton Times is published every fortnight on our website and sent to parents as a push notification on Flexibuzz. Our newsletter has been running for over 30 years and provides our school community with continuing information about our school.


Receive up-to-the-minute photos on all the exciting things happening at our school. Follow templetonprimary on Instagram to further connect with our school community.