Year 4

Veronica Lay


Year Level Coordinator

Ali English


Melissa Forrest


Jeremy Nelson



What was your favourite subject when you were at school?

Japanese & Studio Arts


Which primary school did you go to?

Wonga Park Primary


Which footy team do you barrack for?



Do you have any pets?

Cat called Zebbie


What is your favourite food?

Japanese & Italian Food


What is your favourite band?

3 Doors Down & Soundgarden


What meal is your speciality in the kitchen?

Tomato, Chicken and Chorizo Risotto


What is your favourite drink?

Wine & Coffee


What is your most treasured possession?

Japanese & Studio Arts

Why did you become a teacher?

The look of learning – It is amazing to see the moment when a student who has had difficulty learning a new skill or concept makes that new connection and has those ‘ah ha’ moments.


If you couldn’t be a teacher, what would your dream job be?

Architect or Photographer


What is your favourite film?

Practical Magic


What is your favourite TV show?



Favourite city in the world to visit?



Who are the funniest members on staff?

Mr Crilly, Mr Sussman & Mr Nelson


Who is the best all round sportsperson on staff?

Mr Nelson


Who is the best cook on staff?

Miss Potter for her amazing finger sandwiches at morning tea.


What is the best thing about Templeton Primary School?

The staff and students are all so lovely and friendly. They all make it a joy to come to work everyday.