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Protocols & Feedback
Make life easier
  • Set up a daily timetable, split into manageable sessions
  • Set up a dedicated work space that is quiet, warm and comfortable
  • Ensure you have a supply of stationary easily accessible – grey lead pencils, colour pencils, pens, glue sticks, ruler and scissors
  • If you are able to purchase a printer, they are extremely handy during Remote Learning
  • Organise your child’s work into piles to match the sessions in your timetable
  • Ensure you utilise playtimes for physical activity
  • Diet is crucial for optimum learning – have fruit and water bottles readily accessible
  • Provide plenty of positive feedback to your child
  • Organise online playdates with friends to maintain social relationships
Student Emails

Click the link to access your child’s email. The username is your child’s Student Code, and the password is tpsmail. You will need access to this email to attend Webex Meetings. In the email Inbox, there are links to the weekly meetings.



Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings are held at least twice a week with your child’s grade, with the links to the meeting in your child’s email inbox. Some year levels hold optional meetings; please refer to the timetables below to attend these sessions. 


Our Year Blogs are hubs for all of our Remote Learning. Click the link to your child’s year level, and you will be able to access all Remote Learning videos, learning tasks, news and deadlines. We recommend that you visit the blogs at least twice a day: first thing in the morning and after dinner to prepare for the following day.


XUNO Messages

To contact your teacher, XUNO is the most effective tool. To send a message, open the app and tap into the menu section. Tap Messages, and you can send a message to your teacher. Our staff are accessible between 9:00am and 4:00pm weekdays. 


Year Level Blogs


Tuesday 10:00 am

Thursday 10:00 am

Friday 10:00 am (optional)


Grade 1

Monday 11:30 am

Wednesday 11:30 am


Grade 2

Monday 9:30 am

Wednesday 2:00 pm


Grade 3

Monday 3:00 pm (check in)

Tuesday 10:30 am

Thursday 9:30 am

Friday 9:00 am (check in)



Grade 4

Monday 9:15 (optional)

Tuesday 10:00 am

Wednesday 9:15 am

Thursday 9:15 am


Grade 5

Monday 10:00 am

Tuesday 10:00 am (optional)

Wednesday 10:00 am

Thursday 10:00 am (optional)


Grade 6

Monday 9:30 am

Tuesday 10:00 am (optional)

Wednesday 9:30 am

Thursday 10:00 am (optional), 2:15 (Musical Rehearsal)

Friday 2:15 (Musical Rehearsal)



During Remote Learning, our staff will converse with students twice each week in a whole class meeting on Webex. Your student emails will receive an invitation for each meeting, so please make sure you are checking them regularly. The Webex Timetable is provided in the toggles on the left. Open your Year Level’s toggle to view your times. We have attached an instructional video under ‘Videos’ that outlines how to access Webex and converse with your teacher and class during your designated meeting time. 

Templeton Primary School will be heavily regulating online behaviour in Webex. Students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with our Wellbeing Policy, Computer Policy and Internet Use Policy. Any students behaving in a manner deemed to be unacceptable by the school will be omitted from online classes. Additionally, students are prohibited from scheduling or recording Webex Meetings.