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Essential eLearn module on how to work safely

All school staff are required to complete training on how to work safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

All Department staff working on site in schools are required to complete the new eLearn module ‘School infection prevention and control during coronavirus (COVID-19)’ in Term 4.

The training will ensure staff are aware of the precautions needed to reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. It covers topics including:

  • key risk factors
  • common coronavirus (COVID-19) myths
  • standard infection prevention precautions
  • the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

This module meets requirements to provide employees with training to perform their work safely during Term 4.

This is reflected in the Term 4 Operations Guide.

Schools must ensure staff are given the time to complete the 20- to 30-minute module as soon as reasonably possible after returning on site. Principals can determine the best way to complete this, taking into account the demands on their school.

The module is now available via LearnED. Staff (including school council employees) will be auto-enrolled and receive an automated email noting the final due date as the end of Term 4.

Principals may find this email template useful in communicating with staff about the module, and are encouraged to add the training requirement as an agenda item in staff meetings.

Principals can use this quick reference guide to find out how to track staff completion of the modules on LearnED.

Find out more

For support relating to health and safety during Term 4, contact Regional OHS Support Officers and OHS Advisory.

Find more about the supports available to safeguard employee health, safety and wellbeing during coronavirus (COVID-19) on the COVID-19 Employee supports Policy and Advisory Library page.

For questions about staff wellbeing, contact the Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing Division via email: employeehealth@education.vic.gov.au


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