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Dear Parents

Welcome to the Online Learning Portal

All activities are designed for independent working, so students should require minimal direct instruction from parents. If your child is experiencing difficulties completing any task, there is no mandate to complete everything assigned. Our aim with online learning is to provide some educational structure for our students. Additionally, if your child is unsure of how to complete a task, you can contact our staff via XUNO between the hours of 9:00am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday. 

Each year level will follow a basic structure each week, with Literacy, Numeracy, Templeton Project and Specialist tasks. Our brand new Specialist Blog has been created for online learning, and there will be a range of activities available for our students each week. 

Please try and provide feedback to your children for the work they complete by correcting their work. Our kids thrive on positive feedback! Our teachers will correct the Templeton Project when school resumes. The most effective way to navigate this period with our children is providing structure. We hope our Online Learning Portal helps our community remain connected with our school through this unprecedented time. 


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